API Authentication - OAuth2

Our Backend API is secured by OAuth2 authorization and we use Trikoder oauth2-bundle for its implementation.

We use Bearer token authorization and it means that each API call must have Authorization: Bearer TOKEN header.


To configure the OAuth2, you have to run backend-api-oauth-keys-generate phing target. This phing target generates private and public keys for OAuth2 and also required parameters. The private key is used to sign tokens and public key is used to verify the signatures.

Client Credentials

OAuth2 has it's own users and when you want to use the API, you have to create users first.

Run this SQL command to create a user alan with secret xxx

INSERT INTO "oauth2_client" ("identifier", "secret", "grants", "active")
VALUES ('alan', 'xxx', 'client_credentials password', '1');


Never use password xxx in production, always use secure passwords!

Generate your API token

Run following code in bash

curl -X POST \
  '' \
  -d 'grant_type=client_credentials' \
  -d 'client_id=alan' \
  -d 'client_secret=xxx'

When everything goes right, you'll get a similar response with token that is valid for one hour. You will need to generate new token after this one expires.


The bearer token is the value of the access_token, eg. eyJ...lKQ.

Now you can continue with your first API call