Backend API Installation

Please follow these instructions with clean git working tree (you can verify with git status). If the installation fails, you can easily revert all changes and start again.

If you installed the Shopsys Framework with docker please run all commands in the php-fpm docker container

Require shopsys/backend-api package in the composer.json or run

composer require shopsys/backend-api

Backend API installation is fully automated, so you have to run only (you have to be in the project root directory)


If it was successful, you'll see Backend API installation was successful!

Update your composer because the added a composer dependency

composer update trikoder/oauth2-bundle

Run database migrations

php phing db-migrations

Now you can continue with creating OAuth client


The automated installation is based on copying the code from vendor/shopsys/backend-api/install directory and on applying patches.


Copying files can cause problems only if you already had a file with the same name in the same directory. In such case please rename your files and run the installation again.


Patching files can fail. It can happen if you changed something in your project and these changes are incompatible with the patch.

The installation script tries to apply patches for all involved files and applies as much as possible. In other words the installation script doesn't stop on the first patch error.

In case of error you'll see error messages like Patch for app/AppKernel.php cannot be applied!. In such case please take a look into install directory, and apply all patches manually.

  • You have to only add code into files, so copy only lines that starts with plus + symbol
    • eg. from composer.json.patch copy the line "trikoder/oauth2-bundle": "^1.1", into your composer.json
  • The directory structure in the installation directory matches the directory structure in your project