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This article describes how to work with directories and how to create your own directories.


Default directories that need to be created in order to app to be able to run properly are defined in framework's /Resources/config/directories.yml and are created by symfony command shopsys:create-directories.

Directories type

There are 2 types of directories that are created.

Internal directories

Directories that are used by application and do not need to be public, typically cache or logs.

These directories are grouped under internal_directores in config/directories.yaml file and their definition is an absolute path.

For example:

    - '%kernel.project_dir%/var/logs'

Public directories

Directories that needs to be available for public usage, for example feeds or sitemaps.

These directories are grouped under public_directores in config/directories.yaml file and their definition is relative path to the root directory of a project.

For example:

    - '/web/content/images'

Adding a new directory

In case you need to create your own directories, you can simply add them into config/directories.yaml under suitable type as an array element.

For example:

// config/directories.yaml

+   - '/my/new/folder'