Shopsys Framework Knowledge Base

Welcome to Shopsys Framework Knowledge Base! On these pages, you can find everything you need to know when you want to build your own ecommerce site based on the framework.

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Table of Contents

  • Installation
    • Application configuration, requirements, installation guides for various platforms including Docker.
  • Introduction
    • Information about basic concepts and terms in Shopsys Framework.
  • Model
    • Basics about model architecture, entities, ...
  • Cookbook
    • Step by step how-to guides.
  • Functional
    • How Shopsys Framework works from a user point of view.
  • Frontend
    • Design implementation and customization, LESS, ...
  • Administration
    • Administration menu and grids.
  • Backend API
    • Information about the backend REST API dedicated for integration with third party systems.
  • Frontend API
    • Information about the frontend GraphQL API dedicated for connecting external storefront or mobile app.
  • Extensibility
    • How to customize the behavior of Shopsys Framework to suit your needs.
  • Orchestration
    • Orchestration, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes-related articles and guides.
  • Contributing
    • Guidelines and handy information for Shopsys Framework contributors.



For the frequently asked questions, see FAQ and Common Issues.

Documenting your own project

We strongly believe that not only the framework itself needs documentation, but also your project deserves it's own docs. The tips for writing project documentation are written down in Guidelines for Project Documentation.