Guidelines for Dependencies

We care about composer.json unity across all repositories and we try to avoid hidden dependencies. So we created a few rules we follow.

External dependencies

We use asterisk * notation for PHP extensions.

We use caret ^ notation for external dependencies and if there are more major versions possible, we use single pipe | notation without spaces. For example ^6.2.0, ^7.0, ^5.0|^6.0|^7.0.4.

If there is a problem, you can stabilize the dependency in a patch version, for example 6.4.2. Please do it in a separate commit with an explanation in the commit message.

Working with dependencies

After you change a dependency in a package or project-base, you have to reflect the change in the composer.json of a given package obviously.

Packages' composer.json are not used automatically during development in monorepo. Monorepo uses root composer.json that have to contain all dependencies of all packages. Monorepo dependencies are managed manually. If you add or change any dependency in package or project-base, reapply the change into monorepo composer.json.

How to deal with Shopsys dependencies

If the package or project-base depends on a shopsys package, we declare dev-master dependency. During the release, we change dev-master dependency to released tag like v7.0.0-alpha1.


  • shopsys/coding-standards is required in ^3.x.x version because current development version is still too unstable
  • We use doctrine/orm branch dev-doctrine-260-with-ddc1960-hotfix-and-ddc4005-hotfix because it contain fixes for #DDC-1960 and #DCC-4005 and until these fixes are in the doctrine tagged version, we have to rely on this branch
  • We still rely on a couple of packages that are not tagged yet, so we use dev-master, dev-branch or dev-master#hash version
  • We declare @dev stability for a couple of packages. When our package depends on shopsys/framework, we have to tell the composer it can use the dev-* transitive dependency. This notation cannot be used for the doctrine/orm inline require alias unfortunately


During composer installation there will be installed 3-rd party software as dependencies of Shopsys Platform with licenses that are described in document Open Source License Acknowledgements and Third-Party Copyrights