For E2E testing, we use Cypress. It's available to be run in Docker or natively.


Run in Docker

From the root of the project run

make run-acceptance-tests

This will prepare both the backend and frontend for Cypress to be able to test scenarios on the correct setup.

Run natively

You first need setup and run project. For more info about frontend setup see the section Setup Storefront.

Then go to /project-base/storefront/cypress folder and install all dependencies.

npm i

Then you should be able to run Cypress itself by command

npx cypress run

Tests Results

You should be able to see text results in your terminal after Cypress finishes the testing.

There are also generated videos (for all scenarios) in folder /project-base/storefront/cypress/videos and screenshots (for failed scenarios) in folder /project-base/storefront/cypress/screenshots.

Test scenarios

Test scenarios are placed in folder /project-base/storefront/cypress/integration. They are split into two folders /Functions and /Tests.

Functions are meant for reusable actions used in test scenarios.

Tests are scenarios itself split into several folders according to the tested part in the Storefront application.