Releasing a new version of Shopsys Platform

For releasing a new version of Shopsys Platform, we are leveraging release command from symplify/monorepo-builder package.

All the source codes and configuration of our release process can be found in utils/releaser folder that is located in the root of the monorepo.

Each step of the release process is defined as an implementation of Symplify\MonorepoBuilder\Release\Contract\ReleaseWorker\ReleaseWorkerInterface, therefore we refer to the step definitions as to "release workers".


The whole release process is divided into 3 stages that are run separately:

  1. release-candidate
    • steps that are done before the release candidate branch is sent to code review and testing
    • the release workers are defined in src/ReleaseWorker/ReleaseCandidate folder
  2. release
    • steps that are done during the actual release
    • the release workers are defined in src/ReleaseWorker/Release folder
  3. after-release
    • steps that are done after the release
    • the release workers are defined in src/ReleaseWorker/AfterRelease folder

Release command


Before you start releasing, you need to mount your .gitconfig to php-fpm docker container to be able to perform automated commits within the container.
Add following line into your docker-compose.yml in services -> php-fpm -> volumes path:

- ~/.gitconfig:/home/www-data/.gitconfig

To perform a desired stage, run the following command in the php-fpm docker container and follow instructions that you'll be asked in console.

vendor/bin/monorepo-builder release <release-number> --stage <stage> -v

If you want only to display a particular stage, along with the release worker class names, add the --dry-run argument:

vendor/bin/monorepo-builder release <release-number> --dry-run --stage <stage> -v


  • The "release-number" argument is the desired tag you want to release, it should always follow the semantic versioning and start with the "v" prefix, e.g. v7.0.0.
  • The releaser needs .git folder available - this is a problem currently for our Docker on Mac and Windows configuration as the folder is currently ignored for performance reasons. There is an issue on Github that mentions the problem. However, there is a workaround - you can add new docker-sync volume just for git.
  • Releasing a stage is a continuously running process so do not exit your CLI if it is not necessary.