Adding a New Advert Position

By default, you can place an advert banner on these predefined positions:

  • under the page header
  • above the page footer
  • in a category detail (above the category name)

All the positions are defined in AdvertPositionRegistry class that provides them for displaying on the adverts list in admin as well as for the options in the selectbox on the advert detail administration page:

Advert detail in administration

If you want to add a new custom position, let us say on the product detail page, you need to follow these steps:

Create a new class that extends AdvertPositionRegistry and override getAllLabelsIndexedByNames() method, where you add a translated description for your new advert position to the existing ones.

namespace App\Model\Advert;

use Shopsys\FrameworkBundle\Model\Advert\AdvertPositionRegistry as BaseAdvertPositionRegistry;

class AdvertPositionRegistry extends BaseAdvertPositionRegistry
     * @return string[]
    public function getAllLabelsIndexedByNames(): array
        $advertPositions = parent::getAllLabelsIndexedByNames();
        $advertPositions['productDetail'] = t('on product detail page');

        return $advertPositions;

In your services.yaml, set your new class as an alias for the base one.

    class: App\Model\Advert\AdvertPositionRegistry

Render the new advert on the product detail page (or wherever else you want) by adding the following line into the corresponding twig template.

{{ render(controller('App\\Controller\\Front\\AdvertController::boxAction',{'positionName' : 'productDetail'})) }}

If you misspell the position name (or otherwise use a non-registered one), an exception will be thrown including the list of all registered positions. So don't worry about calling the controller in the wrong way.


An administrator can now pick the newly created position when creating an ad in the Marketing > Advertising system section. The advert will then be displayed on the page we edited in the third step (e.g., the product detail page). This allows quick customization of the online store visuals via the administration.

Adding further advert positions will be even simpler as you only add a new item in your already existing implementation of AdvertPositionRegistry.