Friendly URL

Shopsys Platform comes with the implementation to support custom URLs for entities or other use you might need. By default, there are custom URLs implemented for product detail, product list, article detail and brand detail pages. Thanks to this functionality you can set your own URL or set of URLs to these entities. This functionality is provided by FriendlyUrlDataProviderInterface implementations, e.g., ProductDetailFriendlyUrlDataProvider. Such classes are automatically registered in FriendlyUrlDataProviderRegistry. The rest of the work is done automatically and URLs provided by these providers are now accessible via browser.

How to create new FriendlyUrlDataProvider

  • Create new class with name ending with FriendlyUrlDataProvider implementing FriendlyUrlDataProviderInterface interface

  • This interface requires you to implement two methods (see ProductDetailFriendlyUrlDataProvider class as an example of the implementation):

    • getFriendlyUrlData method that generates FriendlyUrlData for all your entities

    • getRouteName method returns name of route that you have to declare in routing_friendly_url.yaml file like:

    path: friendly-url
    defaults: { _controller: App\Controller\Front\<entity_name>Controller::detailAction }

this will route all URLs you have provided in getFriendlyUrlData method to <entity_name>Controller::detailAction method and provide you with ID of entity matching that URL (see Symfony Documentation to learn how to create new Controller)

  • update your <entity_name>Facade:

    • in create and edit methods, after calling $this->em->flush(), add similar code like this:
// third parameter is an array of names indexed by locale that will be used for URL generation (e.g., 'cs' => 'Televize', 'en' => 'Television')
$this->friendlyUrlFacade->createFriendlyUrls('front_<entity_name>_detail', $entity->getId(), $entity->getNames());

this way you will have always generated friendly URLs based on your entity name and if the name of the entity will be changed, the old URLs will now redirect to your new URLs

  • run php phing friendly-urls-generate to generate new URLs

  • visit some of provided URLs and check if everything works fine


You can use UrlListType in your forms to edit friendly URLs of existing entities.
If you're interested, you can take a look at the processing of Article entity (see ArticleFacade, ArticleData::$urls, ArticleDataFactory and ArticleFormType), which allows for this functionality.