Front-end Breadcrumb Navigation

All frontend routes include breadcrumb navigation in the top of the page to ease the navigation for your customers across your e-commerce site. When adding a new page on the frontend, you need to implement new BreadcrumbGenerator for the new routes to tell the application how the navigation should be displayed.

How to create new BreadcrumbGenerator

  • create new class with name ending with BreadcrumbGenerator
  • this class has to implement BreadcrumbGeneratorInterface
  • this interface requires you to implement two methods (see ArticleBreadcrumbGenerator class as an example of the implementation):
    • getBreadcrumbItems method that generates BreadcrumbItems
      • these include displayed name, and may include route and route parameters if you want to make a link from the item
    • getRouteNames method where you have to provide names of the routes for which you want to use your breadcrumb generator
  • visit some URL matching your route and check if everything works fine


Administration breadcrumb navigations is generated from Administration menu.