Abstract Filesystem

One of the goals of Shopsys Platform is to give you tools to make your e-commerce platform scalable. One of the requirements for scalable application is separated file storage that is accessible from all application instances.

We use abstract filesystem - Flysystem.


Flysystem allows you to easily swap out a local filesystem for a remote one like Redis, Amazon S3, Dropbox etc.

What is Flysystem used for

In Shopsys Platform we currently use Flysystem to store:

  • uploaded files and images
  • uploaded files and images via WYSIWYG
  • generated feeds
  • generated sitemaps

How to change storage adapter for filesystem

Flysystem supports a huge number of storage adapters. You can find full list here.

If you want to change the adapter used for Filesystem you must implement factory for FilesystemFactoryInterface and register it in services.yaml file under main_filesystem alias.

How to change storage adapter for WYSIWYG

WYSIWYG configuration is stored in config/packages/fm_elfinder.yaml file in fm_elfinder\instances\default\connector\roots section. For more information how to set up Flysystem with WYSIWYG visit FMElfinderBundle Documentation.

Create Nginx proxy to load files from different storage

If you changed the file storage, you have to change also loading of these files to be accessible from the frontend of your application. You need to update your Nginx proxy to access your new storage.

For instance, you can take a look of implementation for S3 Storage in Shopsys Kubernetes Deployment package

The Inevitable Exceptions

In some cases, you need to download/upload files to your local filesystem, do some job with them and then upload the result via the abstract filesystem.