Application Configuration

The application is configurable by Symfony configuration files or via environment variables which allows you to overwrite them.

Configuration parameters

For operating Shopsys Platform it is needed to have correctly set connections to external services via ENV variables.


All default values use default ports for all external services like PostgreSQL database, elasticsearch, redis, ...


Host values can be modified or can be aliased for your Operating System via /etc/hosts or C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Environment variables are really handy to configure the right setting in the desired application environment. You may want to set some settings in a different way (such as production, test, or CI servers). Setting environment variables depends on environment of your application.


To improve performance you can optionally run composer dump-env. See Symfony documentation for further information.


Name Default Description
DATABASE_HOST 'postgres' access data of your PostgreSQL database
DATABASE_NAME 'shopsys' ...
DATABASE_USER 'root' ...
ELASTICSEARCH_HOST 'elasticsearch:9200' host of your Elasticsearch, you can use multiple hosts like '["elasticsearch:9200", "elasticsearch2:9200"]'
REDIS_HOST 'redis' host of your Redis storage (credentials are not supported right now)
REDIS_PREFIX '' separates more projects that use the same redis service
MAILER_DSN smtp://smtp-server:25 set to null://null if you don't want to send any emails, see
APP_SECRET 'ThisTokenIsNotSoSecretChangeIt' randomly generated secret token
ELASTIC_SEARCH_INDEX_PREFIX '' separates more projects that use the same elasticsearch service
IGNORE_DEFAULT_ADMIN_PASSWORD_CHECK '0' set to true if you want to allow administrators to log in with default credentials
OVERWRITE_DOMAIN_URL 'http://webserver:8080' overwrites URL of all domains for acceptance testing (set to ~ to disable)
SELENIUM_SERVER_HOST 'selenium-server' with native installation the selenium server is on localhost
SHOPSYS_CONTENT_DIR_NAME 'content-test' web/content-test/ directory is used instead of web/content/ during the tests
TRUSTED_PROXIES '' proxies that are trusted to pass traffic, used mainly for production (set as text separated by comma for multiple values)
CDN_DOMAIN '//' specifies URL of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that is used to serve static assets such as images, CSS, and JavaScript files


Environment variable SHOW_SYMFONY_TOOLBAR allows for showing/hiding of the Symfony toolbar on Storefront, which can be used to view API requests from the front-end.

Google Cloud Bundle

These variables are specific for shopsys/google-cloud-bundle

Name Default Description
GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT_ID '' defines Google Cloud Project ID
GOOGLE_CLOUD_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME '' defines Bucket Name in Google CLoud Storage

S3 Bridge Bundle

These variables are exclusively usable with the shopsys/s3-bridge and are required only when using this package.

Name Default Description
S3_ENDPOINT '' URL of the S3 service endpoint
S3_REGION '' AWS region where the S3 bucket is located (usually empty for custom S3 services)
S3_ACCESS_KEY '' access key ID for the S3 service
S3_SECRET '' secret access key for the S3 service
S3_BUCKET_NAME '' name of the S3 bucket to access or manipulate
S3_VERSION '2006-03-01' version of the webservice to utilize