On the Storefront, we use and consume the backend GraphQL API. We don't use raw GraphQL, but we write our queries and mutations and then generate the hooks and types with a library (graphql-code-generator) .

Under the hood of graphql-code-generator , the urql GraphQL client is used. We also use URQL for other chores, such as for caching the GraphQL layer (see the docs for more info about our caching logic).


  • docs - generated (library graphql-markdown) markdown documentation from GraphQL schema
  • generated - generated hooks and types used on Storefront
  • requests - here you can find editable files, such as all queries, mutations, and fragments, based on which the hooks and types are generated

Generate hooks and types

In order to run graphql-code-generator and let it generate hooks and types for the Storefront, you first need to copy the GraphQL schema from project-base/app/schema.graphql to the project-base/storefront/schema.graphql, then you are able to run the command below.

pnpm gql

Then you need to remove schema.graphql file from project-base/storefront.

You can see a possibility for automation, and you are right. All of this can be done by one simple command, which has to be executed from the root folder.

make generate-schema

After this, you should see your hooks and types generated in project-base/storefront/graphql/generated/index.tsx.