Image Component

UI component that is a custom wrapper for the Next/Image component.

The required images sizes are served on-the-fly via image proxy, and the whole magic works thanks to the following steps:

  • The loader prop setting for the Image component.
  • The nginx.conf webserver configuration that forwards the image requests to the imageResizer.php script.
  • The imageResizer script itself that is responsible for serving the images from the image proxy:
    • Locally and on the CI server, there is an imgProxy service running in a Docker container.
    • For production, image proxy provided by VSH CDN is used.


You can check official documentation for Next Image component here. With this component we are able to use everything what the API provides us.

Purpose of this component is to add our custom loader. And add better error handling (in case of an error there is an empty image placeholder instead of broken image). Every other props are shared with Next Image component so feel free to use it as you wish.

Code example


import { Image } from 'components/Basic/Image/Image';

    <Image src={data.image?.url} alt={data.image?.name ||} width={300} height={300}/>