Setup Storefront

There are two ways to use Shopsys Platform Storefront on your machine. The first and easiest way is when you have installed your project using Docker. With Docker, you have everything running already. If Docker way is too robust for you or you do not need the whole application running, you can run Shopsys Platform Storefront natively.

Docker way

With Docker, you have Shopsys Platform Storefront already running. Storefront is running on

Restart Next

When you change the next.config.js file, and you want the new settings to be applied, you need to restart the Next application. You can also restart it when something is not working correctly. In such cases, you do not need to stop all running containers and start them again just to recreate the container of the Storefront. To do that, run this command outside the container:

docker-compose up -d --force-recreate storefront

Native way

Install all dependencies

pnpm install

Start app

pnpm run dev

After running this command, open in your browser.

Additional commands available for both ways

In Docker way they need to be run inside the Storefront container.

Build the app for production

pnpm run build

Run the built app in production mode

pnpm start

Run eslint for code

pnpm run lint

Run eslint and fix code

pnpm run lint--fix

Run prettier format code

pnpm run format

Run TypeScript compiler (TSC typecheck), prettier, and eslint to check the code

pnpm run check

Run TypeScript compiler (TSC typecheck), prettier, and eslint to check and fix the code

pnpm run check--fix