Basic Design Styleguide


Styleguide - tool to make creating and maintaining styleguides easy for Shopsys Platform designs. Contains all html elements necessary to create new design.

Installation for already running project based on Shopsys Platform

You need to have Shopsys Platform installed in developer mode according to our Installation Guide

  1. run npm run dev so you have all your styles compiled
  2. open file in browser to see your styleguide

How to add new section to styleguide

If you need to add your information to styleguide - edit templates/Styleguide/styleguide.html.twig which is simple twig file.

<section id="[your_section_id]" class="styleguide-module anchor">
    <h2 class="styleguide-module__title">[your_section_title]</h2>
    <h3 class="styleguide-module__title--small">[your_section_small_title]</h3>

    ... any html content ...

    <div class="styleguide-module__editor">
        <textarea class="codemirror-html" id="html-list-simple">
... any html content ...

    <div class="styleguide__info">
        Text information on blue background
    <div class="styleguide__success">
        Text information on green background
    <div class="styleguide__warning">
        Text information on orange background
    <div class="styleguide__error">
        Text information on red background

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