Required PHP Configuration

This is a recommended configuration of PHP for project development using Shopsys Platform.

; do not recognize code between '<?' and '?>' tags as PHP source
short_open_tag = Off

; some development CLI commands can be memory consuming
memory_limit = 512M

; enables upload of files up to 32 MB
post_max_size = 32M
upload_max_filesize = 32M

; report all errors in development environment
error_reporting = E_ALL

; for better performance of Symfony applications especially on Windows
; source:
realpath_cache_size = 4096k
realpath_cache_ttl = 600

; enable OpCache (otherwise Symfony will be slow)

; faster mechanism for calling the deconstructors in your code at the end of a single request
opcache.fast_shutdown = true

; The amount of memory used to store interned strings, in megabytes
opcache.interned_strings_buffer = 24

; Optimizations for Symfony, as documented on
opcache.max_accelerated_files = 60000

; The size of the shared memory storage used by OPcache, in megabytes
opcache.memory_consuption = 256

; always resolve symlinks

; how often to check script timestamps for updates. 0 will result in opcache checking
; for updates on every request. Recommended value for production is 300
opcache.revalidate_freq = 0

; use absolute paths, so that there are not collision for files with same names

Required PHP extensions

Extension name Reason
bcmath required by package commerceguys/intl
ctype used by various packages; should be present by default since PHP 4.2.0 but on some systems (like FreeBSD) it can be optional
curl needed by package heureka/overeno-zakazniky to work correctly; see
filter used for filter_var by Shopsys\FrameworkBundle\Model\Cart\Item\CartItem
gd used by Shopsys\FrameworkBundle\Component\Image for generating images
iconv used by Shopsys\FrameworkBundle\Component\String\* classes
intl needed because Symfony\Intl component supports only en locale
json needed for json_encode and json_decode functions; should be present by default since PHP 5.2.0 but on some systems (like Ubuntu 13.10) it can be optional
libxml used for LIBXML_* constants by Shopsys\ProductFeed\HeurekaBundle\Model\HeurekaCategory\HeurekaCategoryDownloader
mbstring needed for mb_str* functions
opcache optional but highly recommended for better performance
openssl needed by Composer for secure communication
pdo required by package doctrine/orm
pdo_pgsql required to support pdo_pgsql database driver
pgsql used in acceptance for fast repopulating of database using COPY command
redis required by package snc/redis-bundle and sessions stored in Redis (minimal version is 4.1.1 because of lazyloading)
simplexml used by Heureka product feed module in \Shopsys\ProductFeed\HeurekaBundle\Model\HeurekaCategory\HeurekaCategoryCronModule
tokenizer used for T_* constants by shopsys\coding-standards package
xml used by Phing for XML parsing
zip used by facebook package during the acceptance tests