This document provides basic information about development in monorepo to make the work with packages and project-base repository as easy as possible.

If you want to contribute to Shopsys Platform or to any of its packages, clone this monorepo shopsys/shopsys.

If you want to build your project on Shopsys Platform, use composer to create project from shopsys/project-base.


Due to the growing number of new repositories, there were many situations when a developer had to reflect the same change into more than one package. It meant, that the developer had to implement this in the separated repositories of each package. This approach was inefficient and repeated process always brought increased errors rate.


Monorepo approach provides a single development environment for management of all parts of Shopsys Platform. We use Monorepo tool that splits code in appropriate repositories after some changes are made in monorepo. This splitting is initiated automatically once a day.

If you are interested, you can read more about the monorepo approach here -

Repositories maintained by monorepo




The list of these packages is maintained in the function get_all_packages in .ci/
It is used for automated splitting of the monorepo and needs to be updated when a package is added or removed.


Monorepo can be installed and used as standard application. This requires some additional infrastructure:

  • docker/ - templates for configuration of docker in monorepo.

  • build.xml - definitions of targets for use in the monorepo, some already defined targets have modified behavior in such a way that their actions are launched over all monorepo packages

  • composer.json - contains the dependencies required by individual packages and by Shopsys Platform. It is not generated automatically, so each change made in the composer.json of the specific package must be reflected also in composer.json in the root of monorepo. In monorepo, Shopsys packages are used directly from the directory packages/, so there are no requirements of those packages in composer.json.

  • parameters_monorepo.yaml - overriding of global variables of Shopsys Platform, which makes it possible to run Shopsys Platform in monorepo

Installation of monorepo

Installation of Shopsys Platform is almost the same as is described in Installation Using Docker, but instead of creating a new project based on project-base repository, you have to clone shopsys/shopsys.

Please keep in mind that all commands have to be executed from the monorepo root directory. Also, templates of a configuration files should be copied from docker/ folder in root, not from project-base folder.

Development in monorepo

During the development in monorepo, it is necessary to ensure that the changes made in specific package preserve the functionality of the package even outside the monorepo.

Keep in mind that the file structure of project based on Shopsys Platform (standardly located in the root of the project) is in monorepo located in the directory project-base/.


  • Package is functional in monorepo but broken outside of monorepo - ensure that every parameter required by package is available even outside the monorepo